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I would like to implement the Facebook Conversions API in order to be able to upload some business conversion events in hope to better optimise the marketing campaigns. Currently we have a (google-tag-manager) pixel setup which is a little bit "simple" and constrained. Via the conversions-api we could provide

 a) more conversions as the pixel might be blocked by some people

 b) more context around those conversions ~ stuff like product category / current price / and other context points which are not available via the pixel.

My question: The FB documentation is quite insistent that you should implement the conversions-api as a complement to the pixel. However - given the situation that our pixel setup would provide more "poor" context information around conversions - would it be reasonable to implement the FB conv-api not as a complement but as an alternative to this?

Meaning - implement all the conversion events via the conversions-api and do not try to "mirror" this setup with the pixel?

Are there are disadvantages to this approach - perhaps somebody can share some advice and their experience?

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I don't think it makes sense to implement only one or the other -- you should do both. The pixel is very straightforward to integrate and configure. 

I'm curious why you would not want to implement the pixel?

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