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I tried Facebook single sign-on with Candy Crush and it prompted me to allow tracking, as per Apple policy. Even when I hit “Do not allow” it continued to my Facebook account and signed me in. Technically that would subject me to tracking since Candy Crush now got my Facebook information and presumably vice-versa ? Worth noting that when I changed my profile picture on Facebook, it also changed on Candy Crush so the link is there. 

How is Facebook guaranteeing to Apple and Candy Crush that they are in fact not "tracking me" ?

If they don't log me in after I "Do not Allow" the ATT prompt, however, aren't they in violation of another Apple policy which is that features/functionality cannot be gated by the acceptance of the ATT prompt.

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They still can log you in as a user without grabbing the advertising id. The main thing with ATT is that they can't get the IDFA off of the device.
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