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I run a small online shoe brand that retargets potential customers who have visited our site and then hit Taboola / Outbrain / Criteo web pages. It's a >$100 AOV, so retargeting them to build brand affiliation makes a big difference. We've outsourced this to a third-party agency who seems competent, but I am getting worried about the viability of this funnel and so wanted to ask the community.

Is third-party cookie retargeting about to get leveled, and, if so, how can I continue to run this motion through Taboola / Outbrain / Criteo?

My agency has said that:
(1) Taboola/Outbrain just use first-party cookies and so won't be affected,
(2) they actually saw improved yields on these sites when Apple banned third party cookies in Mobile Safari, and
(3) retargeting will still be possible with some sort of cohort behavior

Am I wrong for being concerned here, or am I confusing these issues (a bit new to these topics)?
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