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We started using Unity Ads to test our new game. Currently we reached almost to 24,000 impresions with 5,2% CTR. However, according to our MMP, only 20 installs were generated. I am wondering if such a low conversion can happen for casual title (we do not use fake ads, just show case the gameplay, store assets present the same art style)?
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Hello There! I'm not sure if the question is still relevant for you, but your CTR doesn't look too bad. However your CVR seems really low. Assuming these are numbers from your Unity dashboard; I would double check your MMP connection to make sure everything is firing correctly. If everything is okay with your MMP, a second step would be to check your App Store Optimization.

For future reference, it would be easier to monitor your IPMs directly with video networks since the click through rates tend to be very inflated on these channels; although Unity is an exception here.
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