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I'm trying to understand what is the competitive advantage each has, or is a rising tide just lifting all boats? Where does ironsource differentiate from applovin's max in mediation? How does unity's ad network differ from ironsource? If anyone can help me understand what special sauce each brings to the table, i'd be grateful. I see the same marketing pitch from all, and can't find any data to understand if mediation and ad networks (outside of fb/goog) are commoditized.
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You may want to define some clear vendor evaluation criteria, otherwise it's tough to say which is "best". Depending on where your users are concentrated geographically, what type of app/game you are looking to monetize, what types of ad formats would make sense for your game/app, # MAUs, # apps you need to monetize with ads, # ad networks SDKs you want/need to include, whether you want to sell traffic direct to advertisers etc. - there may be a different answer.
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