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As relatively new to this performance marketing/app ecosystem world, like many others trying to wrap my head around ATT.

We spend minimal on ads, (primarily FB/IG), and we already have an LAT rate of 25%, so aside from inability to retarget or attribute, wondering what we lose with not showing prompt - especially if opt-in rate going to be low anyway. Most conversion events happen on day 0. We then just rely on SKAdnetwork.  Perhaps this is just due to my lack of understanding.

Thanks all
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The downside of not exposing the ATT prompt to users in your app is that Apple deems that you must show the ATT prompt and therefore rejects your app updates.

Apple seems to be taking the stance that any app that collects data -- or integrates an SDK that collects data -- that could be used for fingerprinting or to otherwise construct a persistent identity must expose the ATT prompt to explicitly collect an opt-in or opt-out choice from the user for tracking. Note that any app that is run as a business necessarily collects such data. It is my belief that Apple expects almost every app to expose the ATT prompt.

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Thats not correct. Why would you need to show the ATT prompt regarding tracking if you are running ads with tracking disabled? I have updated my apps with tracking disabled on advertising.  I did not enter the ATT description text in my .plist file and Apple reviewed and approved without issue.  When the dust settles and developers find out what works and what doesn't with ATT opt-ins, I'll look at updating my apps with tracking.

Why would Apple assume all apps would show the ATT prompt? The option is there for developers not to implement tracking in ads if they wish.  I think there are several negatives to displaying the prompt, the wording is aggressive and could stop people using an app or just leaving a negative impression overall.  With such a low opt-in rate, its just not worth shows confronting messages regarding tracking to users of my apps so Ive decided not to.
That is the privacy policy you as a developer set under App Connect app details.  If you have set ads to run with tracking off, you don't need to set the 'Data used to track you' flag for advertising.  If you do set it to tracking then then you will need to add an ATT description in you apps .plist file.