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Do you use CBO in your campaigns at all? If the answer is yes, would be happy to hear why and what you think the benefits for you are.

Also what do you think about a CBO campaign ad set structure like this - 1. Lookalike 2. Interests 3. Broad - especially with the broad ad set having a significantly larger audience than the other two?
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For our campaigns, we have used CBO in an attempt to loosely A/B test audiences and creative sets for a few of our shorter running campaigns. Specifically, setting the chunk of dollars at the campaign level and then putting minimum spends in each of ad sets to ensure that a small percentage (like 10-20%) will be spent on each set and then allow Facebook's algorithm to spend the rest accordingly.

We started this when a few different clients didnt "care" what creative or audience was specficially supported, they just wanted the spend to do well.

For the second part of your question, we have used a very similar structure on CBO at a high frequency. We have also swtiched our "broad" with a different version of a lookalike (1st or 3rd party data) to understand which group would drive the stronger results. As long as you set a minimum spend to get everything a fair shake, I would recommend using this structure.
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