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As we are expecting very high op-in rate for LAT, attribution will be aggregated and any additional service provided by mobile attribbution will have to be probabilistic rather than deterministic. The accuracy of probablistic attribution using non-IDFA techniques like IP address matching is going to havevaried results in terms of accuracy, thereby Mobile Marketers might have less trust in relying on such services impacting their business in the long run ?
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Just to get on the same page with vocab, the "probabilistic" you are referring to is basically fingerprinting. IMO all of those types of technologies cannot continue to exist without user permission on iOS devices.

WRT how attribution companies play a role in this, they will start to build technologies on the aggregate data from SKAdNetwork (and other places) as signals to inform measurement and optimization. I believe this is where most of the technology will need to be focused on for iOS in the future. Developers still need to understand where to best spend their budgets.
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