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We're starting to test out different copy on a personalized dialog prior to Apple's dialog asking the user for tracking permission. Curious if anybody has good examples clearly explaining to the user through their own personalized messaging about the Apple dialog and how they should respond. Thanks all.
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I haven't seen a whole lot of public examples of custom ATT messaging, other than what Facebook is planning/testing.  I think the big takeaway though is creating messaging that highlights the benefit to the consumer of opting in (e.g. personalized ads, etc.).  


Facebook's Alternative ATT Prompt

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I haven't seen so many examples publicly yet. A good place to start are the following MMP guides for ATT opt-in:

  • Adjust:


  • Kochava:


  • Branch:



As more developers start testing versions, Apple has started to get stricter about what you can do. Mimicking the ATT prompt, incentivizing, and even "pre-filtering" may get you rejected. As well as using wording that Apple reviewers don't like (see for ex. this case
Here's the official guideline: 

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I saw this on Twitter and thought it was quite convincing. I have no idea how it performs:



Edit: check out https://attprompts.com, which showcases a selection of ATT prompts

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