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Once a user downloads an app, what's the maximum amount of time that can lapse before opening the app in which SKAdNetwork will continue to attribute that install?
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According to the latest SKAdNetwork v2.2 update on 2/1/2021, SKAdNetwork now includes View Through Attribution and has added documentation of the different types of attribution windows.


There are 2 different types of ad touch points, that are prioritized similar to how mobile attribution works today using the fidelity-type value that is part of the signature and the values passed to Apple upon the ad engagement. The value will later be used to define which engagement takes precedence.

  1. The newly supported custom View-Through Ad  which opens a 24h attribution window for the user to install the app.
    This engagement has the lowest priority with fidelity-type set to 0.
  2. A StoreKit-Rendered Ad which opens a 30 day attribution window for the user to install the app.
    This engagement has the highest priority with fidelity-type set to 1.

As part of the SKAdNetwork postback the newly added fidelity-type value essentially will disclose the match type which is the most recent, strongest ad touch point within the attribution window.

A few more things to note:

  1. To help ensure it’s a valid impression, StoreKit only records the impression if the ad was displayed a minimum of 3 seconds.
  2. StoreKit records a maximum of 15 view-through ad impressions per source app before discarding the oldest one. The recorded ad impressions may advertise various products, and are each eligible to become pending attributions until they expire (after 24 hours).
  3. After a user installs the app, there's a 60 day window for the app to be launched in order for it to be attributed to the original source (regardless of type of ad touch point).

    In theory, though an edge case, an SKAdNetwork postback can be sent 154 days after an ad engagement (StoreKit rendered ad --> 30 days --> insatll --> 60 days --> 1st Launch --> 64 days --> SKAdNetwork Postback (assuming conversion value is incrementally updated every 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds.
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This is very helpful. Thanks for sharing. I have two questions:

1) Imagine if an advertiser running install ads on Google, FB, and Apple. If a new IOS user clicks ads on FB and Google but only sees an ad Apple Search ad on the app store but installs the ad by clicking the app store organic results. For the sake of it, let's imagine this happened in the same 24 hour period. Which account is attributed with a conversion?

2) What exactly is a StoreKit ad?

Thanks so much!
1) Below is my understanding of the scenario you're describing.
i. Advertiser A promotes app B on Google, FB and Apple.
ii. User U is served with ads for app B on Google and FB, clicks on both, though does not engage with downloading app B.
iii. Within less than 24h from the first ad served to user U, the user searches for app B on the App Store, and is served with a promoted ad placement for app B as part of the search results (which also include app B), the user clicks through to download on the search result (and not the promoted placement).

1. In the context the user has not provided permission to track within app B and also within the FB/Google entities, standard IDFA attribution is not available.
2. Apple Search Ads attribution will not be credited with a conversion without the user clicking on the ad.
3. Assuming both FB and Google have utilized SKAdNetwork once the user clicked through, the channel which drove the last click will be attributed with a conversion.

2) StoreKit rendered ad - A framework that allows you to load an App Store product page within the context of the app you're using (essentially without leaving the app to load the App Store app).
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According to this thread on the Apple Developer forum, SKAdNetwork will attribute an install so long as the first open happens within 60 days of the install:


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