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quick question around Apple's ITP changes on Safari for web advertisers

-> as per the latest updates, third party cookies are blocked on Safari. my understanding of implications of this are that:

a. Facebook ad campaigns will show ads to users who browse Facebook on the Safari browser - and their conversions will be recorded(since Facebook pixel is a first party cookie - and this uses only cookies on the advertiser's website).

b. However it wont be possible to build a lookalike off a user who has browsed on Safari(since you arent allowed to track the user across multiple websites and build a profile off of them).

is my understanding accurate? what else are implications of ITP for web advertisers?
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Since the Facebook pixel is a first-party cookie, it can still be used to model lookalikes. But Apple recently implemented a 7-day storage timer to first-party cookies with ITP, so lookalike seeds will only ever be for the last 7 days of data and thus smaller than they previously could be.
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