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If it is assumed that Facebook will inevitably increase the CPI every time the daily spend is significantly and abruptly increased: how can I forecast the respective % increase in CPI? It does not seem intuitive to assume a 1:1 ratio...
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I think the only logical way to understand the ratio is to test it with your own data. With this I mean, increasing the budget by a small percentage (10%-20%) in every 2-3 days and observe the change on your CPI's and repeat that for up to 10 times until you have enough data to come up with a correlation.
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One way is to look at your current budget as a ratio of the potential audience for your default targeting. Then take a segment of that, which you know/think performs similar to your broader targeting, and spend at the budget/potential audience ratio you're trying to forecast. The CPI you see there can be a directionally useful number for your forecast.

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