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I'm concerned that D7 ROAS is too short-term but it is the industry standard.

Are there any advertisers who look at campaign performance beyond D7 ROAS or a bucket of different metrics?
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Sometimes, because of the app's or ad-network specifics, there can be some delay in payments by users, so metric D7 is not always consisted of comprehensive data. In such cases, we consider ROAS D14. Also, I would suggest taking into account Retention D3, D7 and D14, increasing of Depositors.
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Here's a good article that argues that D7 is not a good metric to use in optimizing campaign performance:

Why D7 ROAS might be the worst KPI to optimize towards since CPI

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Thanks Eric!

What do you think are the recommended metrics to supplement D7 ROAS if we do not want to focus on a single metric for optimization?
The problem with focusing on a single metric is that you can lose sight of the overall curve, which may change / flatten over time even if the DX metric stays consistent. You need to maintain a view of the ROAS curve as a whole and re-test critical points every so often.