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Can the FB login be used to create LAL after iOS14?

I'm posting this question on behalf of an anonymous iOS 14 survey from the Mobile Dev Memo Slack channel
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This is based on heresay / speculation, but my understanding is that SSO won't be allowed in the app unless the user has opted into ad tracking. Facebook just recently announed a new SDK with limited functionality if the user has opted out, so my guess is that Facebook is preparing to not collect any data about the user if they have opted out of ad tracking.


It looks like SSO is specifically called out in the AppTrackingTransparency documentation:


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I believe the question was about could Facebook ID (that you get through FB login) be used to connect data between App and Facebook.
Yes, it can, but SSO is still governed by the opt in. A user must opt in if SSO is used for 3rd party login.
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I believe an updated Apple tos prevents this now. Apple doesn't want users to be targeted through emails or 3rd party ids.
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