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Hello, my company provides an app for wind musicians. We found out (which was to be expected) that our ads work much better when we create ads that fit a certain instrument group (e.g. trumpet, flute, clarinet). In the past, we did not run ads for several instrument groups at once because of limited budget. This should be changed now, but I don't know how to deal with audience overlap. We would like to place ads for 10 different instrument groups --> a huge audience overlap incoming.

There are certainly similar challenges in sports apps and many others.

Are there any best practices or ideas how to handle this?
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It's not a huge issue. Don't overthink overlaps on Facebook. Because if you have Ad Set A and B overlapping, and you exclude B from A and then B works really well so you leave it on (and pause B), it will exclude audiences that you won't reach (and changing the audience will reset the ad set). I don't exclude any audience and I manage $1-2M FB spend monthly.
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