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We currently log the revenue total we get from the Apple and Google APIs to attribution to track revenue.  I can see an argument for ROAS reporting dashboard to take 30% off the amount before logging.  That way ROAS is based on net revenue.  Anyone try this before?
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After! Always! That 30% isn't your money, so it isn't ROAS.
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So to be clear: you would log IAP revenue *.7 from the client code to the attribution API so the reporting dashboard ROAS number is "correct"?
I might be misunderstanding: you're talking about the revenue amount you send to an attribution provider? In that case, no, I'd send them the actual amount, but in my internal analytics I always use the 0.7x number to define ROAS.
That's the reason for the question.  A reporting tool like facebook is platform agnostic, so the ROAS column is based on the what ever revenue it receives.  I was hoping for a nice way to not always have to do mental math when looking at the dash.