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Imagine two scenarios. 1) You test 4 creatives in a single ad set, 2) you test the same 4 creatives in the same campaign but in individual ad sets. The ad sets all have the same targeting, just wondering what changes occur when ads in a single ad set, versus in separate ad sets, and what reasons you would go with one over the other.
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we prefer to test within a single ad set -> so underperforming ads dont get a ton of spend and result in wasted spend.

if you test in separate ad sets, each ad set(and hence ad) ends up with non-trivial amounts of spend.

that said, we do know of advertisers who have more leeway with testing budgets that run creative tests in separate ad sets.
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I always test within a single ad set -- this allows Facebook to tell you which ads perform best via its budget allocation deliberation.

Although, thinking about this, I suppose you would achieve the same thing by splitting the creatives out into their own ad sets, assuming the campaign was running CBO. But that's more work.

I also put the test ad sets in a wholly separate campaign / ad account so that their performance doesn't impact delivery on live, scaled ad sets.
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