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If we assume as a starting point you have an MMP in place and have set up a customized tracking link for the influencer you’re working with, you are in a good position to start measuring direct clicks from the content.

But, as the question alludes to, this doesn’t account for the entire impact of the influencer campaign, as a good chunk of the audience will download the app without clicking the link. 

From running influencer campaigns in the past (predominantly on YouTube) I’ve found at least 50% of the overall impact isn’t tracked through the link. To find the overall impact, I would typically do the following:

Find the top geos from the attributed installs and use these to start looking at spikes in organic downloads. I would then look at WoW organic downloads for those geos and consider any uplift as ‘implied’ downloads which you will attribute to the influencer. By adding together the attributed & implied figures, you should be able to come up with a total downloads figure for the influencer. I would be careful about overestimating the time period of the organic lift - the majority of installs following a campaign happen in quite a concentrated period of time.

You may find the bigger the influencer you work with, the higher the percentage of ‘implied’ downloads, as you may benefit from increased visibility on the App Stores.

Keep these ratios of attributed and implied downloads recorded, they are even more useful when you are running multiple influencer campaigns at once and the uplift in organic downloads needs to be attributed across multiple influencers.

Aside from measuring the performance of the campaigns, it’s also worth considering:

  • The value of the content of the video (if agreed with the influencer) - it can be used across social channels and make for a super engaging paid ad.
  • The value of the positive brand message, and it may end up serving as an important touch point for a future download.
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This is extremely helpful, thank you!
Completely agree on the points above. Actually the only company that can actually generate meaningful data on that uplift, Google, did a big test on this:

They tracked google users that watched youtube videos, and then tracked same users google play account install. They found that for each person who clicked the link, 3 more did not!

So the ratio of that might not be even higher. Not to mention this is for google play only - without iOS installs.

There is actually a lot of small best practices in the field to make influencer marketing work as a UA channel for games and apps. Plarium is one of the companies doing it amazingly well. If you'd like to know more, feel free to email me at joakim@matchmade.tv