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I know it's completely different for all networks and optimization but I would like to hear examples like below:


App installs: 15

  • AEO - Good IPM for our games is 4
  • VO -  For Value optimized is 3


  • App installs: 15
  • Event optimized: 4

Programmatic networks: 40 IPM


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Here is IPM trend line from Ironsource. As for other SDK ad networks I see pretty the same IPMs. 

Ironsource IPM Trend

For Facebook you need to calculate IPM based on placement split, as FAN could be close to SDK ad networks, while Instagram newsfeed will show totally different number. 

Also you can compare your IPM by game genre and country with Appsflyer benchmarks: https://infogram.com/ipm-1h0n25pqn9rz6pe

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IronSource shared some US IPM data by game genre in mid 2019 which has been great reference for me

IronSource US IPM data by game genre from mid 2019

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