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For Apple Search Ads, how can the "optimal" CPT per keyword be calculated once you move keywords from Search to Exact matches? Some options would be to take into account a target CPA / average CPI against CVR, or maybe consider the retention of that same keyword according to the MMP.

Do general best practices exist here?
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In my opinion, you can only roughly guesstimate what CPT you will want to input when moving from discovery/search math to exact, maybe based on historical results of other related keywords in that market mostly + the install rate of the search term, and then iterate from there by raising/decreasing bids based on actual data as you collect it.
But you can't exactly determine that CPT bid level precisely when moving from search terms to exact, partly because:

  • you don't get MMP details on search terms from the search match campaigns so you never know how this keyword is yeilding post-install. install quality may differ from other terms in the country
  • You might want to bid differently if your adgroup is new user/returning/all and LATon/off (I typically bid much lower of LATon groups)
  • Competitive environment changes can make those assumptions wrong pretty fast
  • You get served below your bid, rarely at it, I'drecommend you bid slightly higher than your target to avoid restricting the inventory
  • I would even dare say that the auction works differently when in discovery and when in Exact, but I don't have hard evidence to sustain this point

One decent practice would be to move all your search terms into a "probing" campaign before you move them to your exact generic/competition campaign, to get MMP data & iterate a bit without creating too much noise in the other Exact campaigns.
See the process on this blog post for details: https://asostack.com/how-to-set-up-a-systematic-apple-search-ads-campaign-structure-with-5-campaign-types-64a0fa0b21d4 


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