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I'm thinking to give a try to in-app real time bidding for monetization. I have read some info about LevelPlay (ironSource), MAX (Applovin) and Google Open Bidding. What work is involved in migrating from a manual waterfall to real time bidding? Does header bidding typically deliver better CPMs than waterfall monetization?
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In the process now, as we recently did the switch. Some initial comments:

- you should still have a waterfall in addition to the bidding, so that the winning bid can compete with high ecpm targets you set in the waterfall

- only a few networks have no-sdk solutions, so you would probably still need to add plugins from the major networks

- expect some time to establish relations with the no-sdk networks, as they might have a time consuming approval process (it's not just plug and play)

- bidding seem to deliver better ecpm when looking at average ecpm

- open bidding looks promising, however not at the point where you can set it up and leave it be, still requires monitoring and follow up

Best of luck!
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Adstal covred the highlights.   I think at this point in time you should be on a mediator that supports header bidding.     I only have experience with MAX.

  • I think you need a system that supports a hybrid model of both bidding and traditional waterfall because you can't get enough network depth in a pure bidding setup at this time.
  • It likely can boost your CPMs for some networks but the amount will depend on how sophisticated your current setup is
  • The bidding networks are very low maintenance once they are working well.  We see that Facebook and Applovin do it well in MAX but others are still building our their bidding expertise.    We spend most of our time on managing the traditional waterfall networks
  • I think the migration is pretty simple.  If you've every changed mediation before or integrated new mediation it's no more work than that.  There is the usual tech integration and you will have dashboard setup to move over all of your traditional networks.   For bidding it's just one placement so bidding networks are simple.
  • I don't know of any drawbacks
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