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In that case, is there a threshold after which you start to experience those issues? Does this happen with any mediation platform in particular? Or with all of them?
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In my experience, yes. But depends on the game/app: for placements that shows up from time to time it is not a big deal (like a random rewarded video). On the other hand, if your game/app constantly loads a new Ad right after the previous one, or if you need a quick load right after the application came from background, it could be an issue.
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No serious latency should occur, even with 20 instances.

On a different note, I'm not sure 20 instances are needed for a single ad location. If you didn't maximize 99% of impressions after 10, you are probably using the wrong ad networks.
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I don't necessarily agree with this, I understand the principle but if you have 25 instances with fixed eCPM floors with 6 ad networks , it's all about the availability rate of each instance.

Then it's normal that some instances will provide very low fill at certain eCPM, in that case you can either reduce the floor or deactivate that instance.

The bottom line here, in my opinion, is that more instances are set, more chances there are to get a higher eCPM.
Second this. In my experience, I haven't seen significant latency with 20+ instances.
Having 3-6 instances in your waterfall per ad network will create a healthy competition between your ad networks (including any ad networks in bidding), and give you an indication of network performance. Over time, if you see very few impressions on some of the instances, I would disable them.