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What are your best practises for optimizing ad revenue from FAN in open bidding on Admob? 

1) Which FAN placement do you set in the open bidding? A placement with eCPM target or "accept all prices"?

2) How many FAN placements do you set in the waterfall?


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  • We ran a test for open beta on one app on Admob while in Beta
  • Tested out Open Bidding on a relatively small DAU <100k
  • It was a casual game aimed primarily at tier1 markets in the West
  • Ran test on both iOS and Android
  1. There was not a whole lot of difference in the long term (3-weeks) between "Accept any price" and setting proper floors for the open bidding test.
  2. There was also a version where we included a "normal" waterfall under the open bidding channels. That was the most optimal setting and it mopped up about 10% of the long-tail impressions at a low eCPM.
  3. Under normal situations depending on DAU and specific peculiarities of each app (like a geo-skew to say INDIA or RUSSIA), I include 2 to 3 separate calls for FAN, but open bidding seems to outperform such optimizations.
  4. Plus long-term it's a more efficient use of limited team bandwidth, and reduces latency on the servers.
  • A last, batteries-not-included disclaimer: These are still early days. The test I'm referring to has been run for less than a month so things might still change. 



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Thanks Sharath! I learned from FAN today that we should disregard the bidding+waterfall label at placement level as they don't apply to bidding. Any cpm target added to the placement used in open bidding will not apply to bidding.
Interesting, and yup makes sense