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Would trying to capture competitor impression share on organic listings by using competitors as keywords result in trademark infringements of sandboxing by Apple/Google?
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There are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to use trademarks in the Title or Subtitle (visible parts):

  • It depends on the jurisdiction; some trademarks can be used outside of the applicable areas.
  • Appropriate usage – if you created an app specifically for the “brand” company. You can use phrases like “for use with”, “made for” etc. (i.e. Cool Fonts For Instagram). You might need to prove that it was created specifically for this “brand”.


What could happen?

  • They might reject your update so you can change your title or subtitle. 
  • You might receive a complaint about using TM. But you can always change it back.


If you want to use it in the Keyword field the worst thing that could happen, you won’t be ranking for it. You can also try using misspellings there (i.e. offerup, offer up, oferup, ofer up etc.).

Oh, and you shouldn’t forget about ASA (Apple Search Ads). This way you can target your competitors’ keywords.


If you didn't get into the top 3 for the TM, usually it's not worth it. If it's not a game. For e.g. users that search for the League of Legends (it' just an example) might try other MOBA games.

Another exception is if it's a brand name that was created out of some general terms (i.e. Nextdoor). They might be used unintentionally. Who knows you might be already using them.

Be creative!

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