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A lot of platforms/networks have recently been launching their In-App Bidding product and announcing promising results that could indicate that it's finally here.

This includes Mopub, Applovin's MAX, Google Open-Bidding, Fairbid, etc. to name a few. So the one question is, who do you think is most likely to dominate this new technology and provide the highest and most reliable return for mobile app publishers?

My follow up question would be, how long until this becomes available to all publishers, including "Indies" who may not yet have the scale of impressions that most of the early partners getting access to test this In-App Bidding have? Do you think In-App Bidding is likely to "even the playing fields" between indie-developers and top publishers who previously had teams of Ad Ops experts who could constantly test and optimize Waterfall configurations and build relations with Ad Networks to obtain CPM Floors and Guarantees to boost Ad Revenues?

In that case, if top publishers who with Ad Ops teams optimizing waterfalls and obtaining CPM deals, are still achieving significant boosts in revenue from In-App Bidding, then would this not drastically increase an Indie Developer's, with little to no ad mediation management, ability to monetize via Ads?
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Here some insights on the topic as I just wrote a blog post about it: https://www.digitalimbo.com/which-mediation-for-you-ad-monetization/

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