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Google Ads provides ad sets in UAC. What are best practices for how to use them?
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Multiple ad groups introduces a unique opportunity for you to test various creative themes simultaneously without losing any of that sweet, sweet UAC learning. It’s great for determining what works, and what doesn’t a whole lot faster. 

Here’s a hypothetical: 

As a publisher in the language learning space who’s looking to differentiate myself from competitors, I don’t only offer various tailored towards languages and skill levels- I also have material which teaches users about local history, culture, traditions, and travel itineraries. 

I have a lot to offer, but I’m not sure what resonates with my potential audience best. I’ve got a bunch of ads with differing creative concepts running in my one ad group, but I can see that 3 of my creatives are taking up the majority of the budget, which means my other creatives are barely serving. 

Thanks to multiple UAC ad groups, I can easily solve this problem by having feature-specific ad groups. I could structure it accordingly:

Ad Group 1: Language Offerings

Ad Group 2: Itineraries & Travel

Ad Group 3: Tradition & Culture

Ad Group 4: Test Group


By going with creative-specific ad groups, you’re able to test a significantly greater number of assets, disturb spend more evenly, and ultimately learn faster.

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