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Does anybody know of any tools that allow to find out what creatives and designs our competitors are using?
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Facebook launched the Ads Library in 2018 to allow people to do exactly this.

Go to facebook.com/ads/library and you'll be able to search all pages that are currently running live ads on Facebook.

I just searched for TikTok and I saw this:


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Amazing! Does it only show web ads only though? Can't see any mobile ads when I do my researches
It shows all ads.
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Would like to add also, that sometimes you may struggle to find the required advertisers in the FB Ad Library search. 

In that case, it's also useful to find the FB page of such advertisers, click on Page Transparency > See More and then Ads From This Page > Go to Ad Library.


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You may find this helpful: adespresso.com/ads-examples 

It bills itself as "Facebook Ad Examples From Every Industry: Get inspired by how others (including your competitors) advertise on Facebook!" 

I recommend it to my students at Questrom School of Business. 

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Two guys recently created a great website for this. Even better than FB Ads library because you can see more sources by a publisher etc. https://creaspy.com

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