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We've been testing running an AEO campaign with large audiences (5% lookalikes of purchasers in the US -> 10 million people) and we're seeing some success with this.

However, when we've tested same/similar creatives with a broad audience in the US, our performance wasnt anywhere as good.

This makes us wonder as to what the best way is to scale this account while minimizing overlap. Some considerations we're contemplating:

  1. If we do a 5% lookalike for a different high-value event, there will be overlap with the 5% lookalikes of purchasers we have now. If we exclude the current audience from the new one, the audience size will become far too small which can hurt AEO by not driving enough events.
  2. If we do 1% or 2% lookalikes, our audience size may be too small to drive enough events for AEO.
  3. If we expand to 10% or broad, we may not get high affinity users (because our current broad campaign already tanked).
  4. We could test new creatives in another 5% lookalike ad set, but that could compete with the one we have running.

In this situation, how would you scale spending and purchase volumes?

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My experience is that the US is large enough to support multiple 2% LaL ad sets running at a time without suffering from cannibalization, even with AEO campaigns. But there are a few things to consider:

  1. How old is your custom audience list? If the identifiers are out of date, a large list might not be creating as many LaL matches as you'd expect;
  2. How down-funnel is the event? Is the event a purchase? Can you move up-funnel from purchase and still get strong signal?
  3. Can you segment the LaL audiences in a meaningful way based on interests or demographics and align creative with those segments? 

In general, I think getting AEO campaigns to work at scale requires a lot of experimentation with creative -> audience alignment as well as event exploration. If your 5% AEO campaigns with broad targeting aren't working, then try shift to multiple 2% LaL campaigns with earlier-funnel events, or try to find more resonance in creative / audience alignment, or both.

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