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I love studying products and funnels that have scaled on FB, as it is a core channel I work on. In the e-comm space, the scaled teams I have exposure to have AOVs of $80 and much higher.

Curious to know if any one has examples (even if you are assuming this piece based on SimilarWeb data, etc) of teams that have scaled (more than $300k / month of spend) at an AOV < $40?
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Yes, out of curiosity what are you trying to study?

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These thresholds are very specific. My sense is that most of the smaller D2C companies have Average Order Values (AOVs) within +/- $10 of that number, but I think those companies are looking for >150% ROI on any given order to achieve even thin profit margins on manufactured goods.
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Probably a bit too specific :).

Do you happen to have any examples of companies that made it work at scale within ranges of those targets? Curious to look at what segments and products were able to make it consistently work at such low CPA goals.