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Say I am promoting an app through various ad networks and I want to be able to attribute the addional value I get from the exposure (impressions and clicks) beyond the direct conversions (registrations, in-app purchases, etc), what would be the best ways to do that? As it can increase the LTV of my campaigns and allow me to increase spend.
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Can you give a specific example?
Sure, say I am promoting my app on Ad Network X, and they sent my campaign 100,000 impressions and 1000 clicks yesterday. Out of these clicks I got 10 installs and 1 in-app purchase.

Obviously this 1 in-app purchase would be the most important this but my app also recieved those 100,000 impressions and 1,000 clicks and what if those people didn't convert directly from the ad in Ad Network X but the day after saw my app's App Install ad on Facebook and converted to an install and in-app purchase- I'd then like to be able to attribute value to the initial exposure from Ad Network X the day before. Is there anyone doing this? If so i'd love to hear how.

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